Q: I replaced the starter relay & it still wont start no turn over only clicks on 2006 Dodge Charger

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battery is being drained before I changed the starter relay. I tried to jump start & still only clicks doesn't turn over? what am I missing?
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Anthony; First wear safety glasses. Insure battery is fully charged and providing proper voltage. Check the battery cables [clean and secure if needed]. A loose connection at the battery or starter can cause this problem. Also check ground connections at engine and body/chassis. A bad starter or stater solenoid can cause this problem. Have an assistant work the key while you monitor the starter/starter solenoid. BE CAREFUL - THINK BEFORE YOU DO. WATCH OUT FOR MOVING PARTS. Because there is a clicking noise I would NOT suspect an alarm system issue.
I'm not sure if you've figured out the problem but you might want to change your starter, the carbon brushes may be worn out thus not making proper contact.
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