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Q: i replaced plugs and engine ran worse lose of power, now it wont even turn over? on 2000 Jaguar S-Type

the engine was worse then before i did the change i pulled them back out and their was oil and water on a couple of the plugs so i dryed out the plugs, and plug holes the best i could then it still ran terrible. now it wont even start right before it wouldn't start. It would idle but when i put it in gear it would die any suggestions
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first off thank you for your reply. im no mechanic but the prices for anything on this jag is high, i just cant afford it. ok ill break down my situation a little better. the car was running fine before, expect going up big hills then it would cut out a little same hills same spot everytime. so i figured it was one of the plugs i went to change them without any help from anyone, internet or anything. I couldn't find them, usually their right in plan view on top the engine. And of course they were covered by the covers so i pulled out the fuel injectors looking for them(at the time didnt know they were my injectors) doing this i busted a couple oring seals i replaced the busted seals and put them back in. Then i found the plugs under the cover i pulled them they were not wet/oiled. I replaced them and then it started running terrible great loss of power cutting out felt like trany was messed up but i know thats how it feels when plugs aren't getting fire i remembered i didnt gap them .51 like the manual says thinking this was the problem i pulle them agian this time a couple of them had a lil water/oil. i was told this is due most of the time to value gasket covers wearing out. cleaned them off still ran terrible but still ran then the next day i went to leave fired it up fired up but went to put it in gear it would die. now it wont even turn crank. i charged the battery still no crank. agian im no mechanic but you said it might be head gasket, it never got hot at all just had an oil change plenty of oil and the radiator and reserve is full never smoked or anything that usually results in blown head gasket(i watch this very closely cause as a teenager i blew a couple)lol! so i dont think its the head gasket unless they can blow from something other then the things i named. please help me ive got about 2 wks or more under the hood, research on compter, and talking to people not getting anywhere. Im thinking its just not getting fire at all now due to plugs getting wet an oiled. my next step was try to replace value gasket cover myself replace all the plugs again. but before i do that was going to see about replacing the wires that are connected together and plug into all my spark plugs a couple of them dont want to stay snug. but this oviously is going to be expensive and it will be awhile before i can offered it in the mean time im out of a ride. is it something simple i just dont know cause im not a mechanic please give me all the advice you can ill try anything. thanks for your time sorry this is so long i wanted you to know everything. one more thing after i told you all this do you still think i need to do a compression test and how do i go about doing this.
you should do a compression test to do this you have to take the spark pluga out and screw in a compression gauge into the the cylinder and crank engine over to see what the gauge reads
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