Q: I replaced my lexus ls 400 radiator, the timing belt and the water pump, but my on 1991 Lexus LS400

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car is still running hot, what could be the problem, there is water in the oil to make me think it's the head gasket
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There are several possibilities but if you have water in the oil you probably have cylinder head sealing issues (head gaskets, warped heads etc.). We would be glad to set an appointment to look at your vehicle. We are the best shop around, a repair pal" Top Shop". Check out or profile here on repair pal.
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I have a 1991 Lexus LS 400. One hot summer day my engine coolant begin bubbling. I had to pull over to wait for it to cool and pour water into the coolant tank. Long story short,I needed to replace a heavier coolant. The coolant was too light, 50/50. You may need to add coolant for cars that are 100,000 or more. I hope this helps.
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