Q: I recharged my A/C system 3 days ago and pressure needle moved from 25 to almost on 1996 Acura Integra

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100 and system was blowing cold air. Now 3 days later after blowing the fan for a short trip home it is blowing hot air but pressure guage still reads 100 and the fitting to the low side port is cold to the touch. What could be wrong here?
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Really need to see both the high side and low side. Low side should read 45-25 when compressor is running, high side should read 100-300 or so when compressor is running. So, is the compressor running when you turn on the A/C? Because it sounds like the low side is equalizing with the high side on a hot day which will tend to read about 100 psi on both.
Yes the compressor is running and is cliking or cycling whild running for 5 minutes. I have about decided I have a leak in my system. And that I may have overcharged it not being very experienced at this. Thank you