Q: I recently had new tires put on the back, old ones (one year old) on the front. on 1999 GMC 1500 Pickup

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after that my truck started running rough, no warning lights are on. Just a rough sound from tires. What could be the problem?
Help Please =)
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thanks I was tight on money a year ago when I got the two last year,lol and still low on funds hence the two this year. Ok that seems like a good thing to do, thank you so much for the advise. I will do that asap. I hope that is the problem =)
U welcom. Know what you mean about the funds, especially this close to xmas! May want to get them balanced first, they can check for
out of round tire then too.
ok ill go to the same place i bought them. i was wondering if i had the right to go there and ask them to rotate them, ive heard that the new tires should be on the rear and the old in the front of the truck, do you happen to know if that is true? i love xmas just not the spending part of it, even with those great deals out there. oh well im greatful for what i got, and thank you so much for your speedy response =)