Q: I recently bought a 1996 nissan Altima. there is no heat on 1996 Nissan Altima

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I replaced the waterpump and the thermostat. hoses are good. It's as if there is no water in the hose leading to the thermostat. It acts as though it isn't opening. The engine acts like it's going to overheat. I was given advice to put the car on an incline, set up a reservoir with fluid in it leading to the overflow outlet next to the cap, turn the car on and the heater on high. This is to remove any air trapped i n the line, I made sure the heater control valve was open also. Nothing has worked. Does anybody have any suggestions at all?
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sounds like the heater core is clogged. have it checked as it may have to be replaced.

an easier way to bleed is to hold the rpm to 2500 for 5 minutes.

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