Q: I own a 96 Lexus , ES300 with 156,000 miles. on 1996 Lexus ES300

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When I took it in for last oil change, I was given a list by the shop of things that will need to fixed in the near future.
1. P/S reservoir, leaking, will monitor
2. rack and pinon leaking will monitor
3. L/F axel boot slinging grease
4. valve cover gaskets starting to leak
5. crank seal startlng to leak.
6. excessive oil residue along rear main seal/trans pan/transfer case/
dogbone mount busted.
Of the items listed above, which would be more expensive. What would the cost be for the other items,
I'm trying to decide if it is worth keeping or start looking for something else.
The body is in good shape. Interior very good.
One more thing. I was told by shop when I informed them that the a/c goes out about once every two weeks, that the only way to check it is to bring in it in when it happens. Usually it starts blowing cold air, after cutting engine off and restarting later.
Your aadvice would help me in deciding on keeping the car. Thank you.
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