Q: I noticed today that my mounting tabs on left side of air dam are broken on 2009 Toyota Camry

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I had a service a few weeks ago at dealer and today I noticed the mounting tabs on left side of air dam are broken, I drove to Broadway Toyota in Portland, my car has a platinum warranty but was told this was not covered. I should have guessed. I have no visible damage or reason as to how or why this broke. It may have been from mechanic at Broadway rotating tires-maybe he broke them somehow and never told me. Anyway they refuse to pay for repair and they want $764.00 to repair and paint. Has anyone else had this happen with their 2009 Camry. I think it must be defective if the mechanic did not cause the damage.
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Yes I have seen very similar issues. If you send me a picture I can let you know if their quote is realistic or not. We also have a body shop so I know what an accurate estimate looks like when I see one.
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