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Q: I need to replace my Electronic Throttle Control. on 2003 Dodge Ram 1500

My truck threw a P2106 P2108 fault code. I lost all power. I had a mobile mechanic come out to verify the code. Which was the ETC. The butterfly on the throttle body does not open fully when you press on the accelerator ( Gas Pedal ) He determined it needed to be replaced. I ordered a new one from the dealers, It will be in tomorrow. My question is, Do I need to get my truck reprogrammed or re Mapped? It only required the removal of 4 bolts and to reconnect the electronic module.
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That "mobile mechanic" has misdiagnosed the problem incorrectly. Here is the solution.
Vehicle Application: 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup 5.7L, Vin D, Eng Cfg V8 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 Pickup 5.7L, GAS, Vin D, Eng Cfg V8, USA/Canada

Customer Concern: The check engine light is on. It has trouble codes P2106 and P2108.
Tests/Procedures: 1. Check the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor voltage. Key on engine off it should be approximately 4.5 volts, idling in the 1 volt range and go over 4 volts at a snap throttle.

2. Check the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) voltage in the pedal follower test with the scan tool. At closed throttle TPS #1 should be approximately 0.5 volt and at Wide Open Throttle (WOT) over 4 volts. TPS #2 should read 4.5 volts closed and 0.5 volt at WOT.

3. Check into TSB #18-013-03 for Powertrain Control Module (PCM) reflash.
Potential Causes: Restricted AIR
Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor
Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
Wiring Harness

Tech Tips: TSB 18-013-03.
Diagnostic Codes: P2106, P2108

If you want a copy of that TSB I can email it to you. 239-220-5869
I just put in a brand new MAP sensor, new from the dealers. The original had dry rott on the abs plastic by the sensor element which cause it to fail. The truck is runs like it is miss firing. I had it tuned less than 3000 mile ago. The truck barely hit 62,000 original miles.
The butterfly in the throttle body doesn't move when you push the pedal down, with the key in the ON or Off position. Also the butterfly is remains open about 1/4 inch, it is not properly closing when the key is off. The truck went into safe mode and several other codes appear. I purchased a new Electronic Throttle Control. It will be hear tomorrow. I'm going to try that out. I've never had any trouble with the Truck. It's been rock solid. I'm up on all my maintenance. Beside the MAP Sensor and replacing a Hose that runs from the gas tank to a charcoal canister the trucks been good to me.
I appreciate the info.
I'm going to replace the ETC and see what happens.
The dealer said if I replace the ETC I might have to have it reprogrammed, They weren't sure?
They wanted to charge me $105 just to hook it up to the scope, to see if they could diagnose the problem.
If it is the ETC, Replace it for a minimum quote price of $402.00 which includes the part and labor.

As of now, I spent $ 35.00 for the mobile mechanic, $ 248.00 for a new ETC. I can replace it myself. I already took the ETC out / off, It doesn't look right! The tiny motor looks worked. It seems to have slop within the small gears and I mentioned it remains partially open about 1/4 of an inch even when disconnected. The spring inside should keep it fully closed until the ignition is turned.
Once again thanks for the info.
Was reading through these posts and was wondering how the new ETC worked out? ? ?
My truck a 2003 dodge ram 5.7 has been chugging for over a year,at stop lights and it surges so I have to put it in park for safety , I put in the throttle position sensor and did not work, just took it back out so I have one for sale. I am now putting in the map sensor. I hope it works. I always had dodge but I think I am done. Ready to dump it. I don't want to take my famiy in the vehicle as I don't feel it is safe. It has died pulling out in traffic and you know when that happens you have no steering. Very disappointed in dodge. Should have kept the 1998 that was dependable. Just wanted something less rusty but don't go there with me on that either, this one is rusting faster than the neighbors old ford.
Has anyone solved this problem ... I have a 2003 Dodge Hemi 5.7l with the same problem .... is there a fix
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