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Q: I need to know if its worth it to keep it or get a new car! on 2000 Kia Sephia

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well it is a bunch of issues in my 2000 Kia Sephia

When car is stoped at a red light it shakes or sputterers.

the gas mileage is horrible what increases and keeps gas mileage in a kia sephia besides oil change, and do u know what could cause it to go down quicker.

When i get another oil change could i use 10w-30 instead of 5w-30 would that help the engine since the car has over 170k miles on it?

If i had my automatic transmisson fluid changed would it stop some stalling in acceleration and make it easier for gears to change. I just had it replaced in jan. or feb 10. but it took them 3 transmissons to get one to work so i dont know if they just put that one in there cause it worked. im just trying to avoid buying another one.

If you could help me please!!!
If your car runs rough at stops sings, that alone will ruin your mileage, because that means that you have a misfire condition and the faster speed only masks it, it does not solve the under lying problem.
10-30 oil should be fine, and it will help your engine last a bit longer.
I am not sure about your transmission, did you have it replaced or just the fluid replaced, not sure that I understand?

here are some shops to address your rough running engine.
There are many things that can cause this. A burnt out catalytic converter can cause additional backpressure and heat to cause sensors, coils, and the engine itself to overheat very quickly. I found one 2000 kia with the catalytic converter installed backwards that caused it to burn out and stop most exhaust flow. Overheated coils can cause the same symptoms but that can be caused by another problem as i have outlined above. an exhaust problem once threw off the transmission shift control sensor in one job i did and that threw a code to the car's computer which caused it to run rough because of false sensor readings.
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