Q: I need sum serious j30 runs gr8 then it dnt run at all!! on 1995 Infiniti J30

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Ok...this is exactly how she does....she starts up n run fricken awesome....5-6 days later ill get in her to go to the store & what happens?? NOTHING!! NO SOUND WHAT SO Ever! Battery,terminals,wires,ignition,starter good...plenty premium gas in the tank....Everything is working but the motor wont turn over or even click....4-5 days later after it sits there untouched ill get in it...and get this...she starts right up!! No hesitation nothing..starts n drives perfectly!! Omg....yall i love this car more than i prolly shuld can sum 1 plz help us?? Any suggestions comments will b so gr8ly appreciated!!!
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it needs to go to a repair shop. problem is probably in the anti theft, if you had a remote you could try using it to unlock all the doors when the problem occurs, then see if it will crank. am going to take it that you do not have a working remote.
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