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Q: i need help with my radiator on 1998 BMW 528i

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well i think that there's just something inside my radiator and i was wondering if there was a way to open the radiator or a way to clean the radiator without having to get a new one?
"just something inside my radiator" something? Uh...what a squirrel, no coolant, oil? Air? ants, goop, stop leak? Wedding rings from the previous owners wife?
And why do you think "somethings" in your radiator of all places. How come not in the trunk, under the seat, in the glovebox, or in that console thing? Or even IN the tires?
I sense a deep rooted radiator phobia here. Replace it with a new one before it spreads to the engine.
`you are a smartass and need to shut down your pc if this is the only way you know how to respond to someones questions. They may not have anyone to help them out with their car or as far as we know maybe no one in their life to lend a helping hand. Think about the next time you may need help with something that you are not sure about and someone answers you the way you answered this question! Remember everyone is not a ROCKET SCIENTIST like yourself.
I would recommend taking your vehicle to a shop that can flush your radiator, but that depends on what is inside your radiator. What is the problem you are having?
just get a new is cheaper than having it break down on you at an intersection when you are going to work.
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