Q: I need help replacing the Brake Power Booster... on 2001 Toyota Camry

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When pressing the brakes it makes a hissing noise... I have been to several Auto Repair shops and the result is that the Brake Power Booster needs to be replaced. Thus far estimate rapair costs are between 600-1100.00; however after researching it looks fairly easy and simple to install. I have been able to purchase a new part at Advanced Auto for about 125.00 (many repair shops quoted me over 400.00) Can someone advise me on installing and any issues that may occur?
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Strongly suggest you get some help with this as it is your BRAKES you are talking about, not an oil change! Cant compare a vw to your Toyota either!! Your brake pedal rod has a pin that needs to be removed. If you are car savvy and have a pretty good tool collection go for it but if you get stumped at all get some help!
i have a 98 cabrio and i replaced my brake booster and im a girl :} fairly easy. the only part i had trouble with was disconnecting the pedal on the I was looking for a pin to pull out like the chilton and internet said BUT in my vw theres no pin! just had to pull real hard and it popped out, pops right back in simple thing to replace i learned on you tube
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