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Q: I need an entire exhaust system, including catalytic conv. and oxy sensors. The on 2003 Toyota Camry

The entire piece from the front of the car to the back, about ten foot long, fell off of my car in my driveway. I know that the catalytic conv. needs to be replaced as someone stole mine. That was before the problem with the entire exhaust. I need to also know how much I should pay for a timing belt. This car has only 92/M miles and my dad
sold it to me. I just don't know if I should repair or buy something a tad newer. Thanks so much for your time.
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First, whom ever attempted to fix the exhaust , after the cat was stolen, did not do a very good job! Second, this engine does not have a timing belt, it has a timing chain, which should last as long as the engine does! Third, this is a very durable vehicle, i suggest you have a muffler shop fix the exhaust and drive it on for another couple hundred thousand miles!!!

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate your taking the time. My mechanic??, says that I should sell mine and get a newer vehicle. I feel that if I put another grand into it, fixing the exhaust, cat. conv., that I will be able to run it another couple 100/M's of miles too.
Have a lovely day.
I agree! I own one and know what this vehicle is capable of, so IF you like it, fix it and keep it.
Thanks again. One of the replies said, trash it?? I want to know why someone would be so sarcastic or uneducated, hmmm.
Unless one has owned a Toyota, it's hard to know just how dependable they really are!
There is three in my driveway, one older Corolla has 260,000 on the clock, min. maint. and repair, as i am a mech.,still running great!
So lets just say you have to own one, or have owned one,to actually know the potential. Even a (young) tech. may not know!
You are right about that. They just sounded crass. Stay cool, OH here hot as all get out. Enjoy and again, thanks
Hot as Hell here too, (i guess!) Well at least it's not raining, now anyway. Much rain up in the valley?
We had a good deal of rain this year in the OH valley, more than normal and the farmer's are smilin'. Where do you hail from?
Franklin county Va. near Roanoke. Moonshine capitol of the world! Heck of a claim to fame but at least we got something. Did you see the movie Lawless?
Sorry, not a move person. I love moonshine, or used to. Lost my hubby a few years ago, he was 59, and I quit drinking. Gotta run today, errands to accomplish. Have a lovely day down in the holler.
Have a good day and luck with your Camry! Any more questions, someone here will try to help.
Got to go myself.
Thanks for your support and non-answer. Why would I junk a car with problems that can be fixed for about a grand, that will last a few more 100/M's of miles? Have a lovely day and thanks for taking the time
not to be your mechanic self.
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