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Q: I need a Drive Cycle to pass emissions?!?!? on 1999 Volvo S70

So I had problems with my car stalling out due to draining batteries. I have had 4-5 new batteries in the last year and a half. I just replaced one a few days ago and went to emissions. I need a drive cycle before my car can even be tested! this is frustrating being my tabs expire at the end of the month. What do I do? There have been various sites online all saying something different and I don't have the $585 for a dealership to do it for me. What do you suggest? Thanks!
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I have had the same thing all that means is you need to drive your car a bit to get drive cycle info in the cars computer so the testing equipment can see it. If the car has been sitting without a battery in it for a bit the information is lost and you need to replace it by just driving the car. I recommend a variety of driving like some fast start and stop and some freeway driving. Be safe but if you can speed up and decelerate to give the computer more info. Then drive in town with starts and stops. I'd give it a good 20-30 minutes worth at least
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A good scan tool tells which monitors are passes and not yet completed. Some tests are checked and some require a two trip cycle. The Evaporative Emission test and Catalytic Converter efficiency test are the hardest to get to pass. The est criteria is difficult to duplicate, and impossible to duplicate in traffic. Sometimes if I know exactly which monitor is not passed I drive the car on jack stands to keep the road speed exactly where the manufacturer wants it to do the tests.
I will show you a test used by Hyundai its crazy to try to duplicate but may help. I will send it to your email address.
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I was just speaking to a friend of mine during the week here in California that has had problems with getting a Volvo to pass its monitors after 1500 miles of driving. Car was due a CA Smog Test. He is a smog test tech, he rang the Smog Test people here (BAR/CARB) they have a list of known problem cars and got an exemption from having the car having to pass all monitors prior to a smog test. Rules vary, wher I live you can pass a smog test with two monitors not passed.
Hello, I need to know if 2005 Hyundai Sonata is on that problem list of cars. I would also like to get an exemption of having my car pass (the smog test) without all monitors being 'ready'. I have 3 that are not ready. But one might be ready if I have at least 1/2 a tank of gas. What part of California is passing cars with two monitors not ready? Thanks.
First check out your Charging System the Altenator maybe draining the Battery, once you get this solve, if your car is 1996 or newer you may need to drive cycle you car visit this page it has driving cycle procedures
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