Q: i need a drive cycle so i can pass inspectiion on 2005 Toyota Corolla

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i did every thing to this car changed plugs air fliter changed 02 censers not one but two runnin out of money i am a widow with kids
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os the light on and what code. a drive cycle is a very specific way of driving to run monitors. the average person will not drive the way needed.

A scan tool is needed to verify if your car has a fault code stored or not. After repairs are carried out to rectify the fault code stored the codes are erased and the car is driven. The car verifies everything is OK by keeping the Check Engine Light off unless it sees a problem. Some self tests are completed immediately some require the car be driven for a few weeks to verify the systems have no faults. The whole drive cycle is complex to carry out unless a repair shop has a rolling road dyno. Plugging in a professional grade scan tool one section of the tool verifies that all monitors are passed and the car is ready to have a smog test. If the Check Engine Light is on after the repairs and the light had been turned off it means there still is a problem.