Q: I need a catalytic converter, is it expensive, do I have to buy the part new on 2006 Hyundai Sonata

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the check engine light keeps coming on
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#1 is correct, check you dealer to see if your emissions warranty is still I effect. For most cars a catalyst is warranted for 8yrs, 80,000 miles. However some PZEV's, SULEV'S (Partial zero emission vehicles or super ultra low emissions vehicles) with California emissions can have even longer warranties.
Thanks to everyone! Car has 240000 miles certainly isn't covered. The mechanic initially changed my front 02 sensor, ck eng. light went away, it came back,then he changed my back 02 sensor light went away again, it came back now he says he its the converter and will have to put in two new 02 sensors when he changes the converter. Is this true? I'm confused with this. will this new converter be covered under warranty? Does this job take many hours and what is a usual estimated cost for parts and labor? Thanks for your time and help!
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What code is saying to change the convertor, no the new o2 sensors could stay, and some after market convertors cost about $200.00 installed, depending on your vehicle. By The way the front o2 has nothing to do with the convertor.
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