Q: i keep having the code p0117 pop up when running a scan whats can i do to fix on 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

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i ran the scan on my 95 oldsmobile cutlass ciera sl 3.1L because my service engine light came on i changed the coolant temp sensor checked for any frayed pinched or corroded wires or connectors but still no luck the fan is turning on right as soon as you turn the key on like the engine is already warm even though its as cold as it can get coolant is full and is not rusty and the car feels sluggish when its cold untill it warms up then gets up to speed just fine no other codes where detected curently or in history what could be going on?
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Can you read live data? What is CTS reading when unhooked? What is reading jumpered? What is your mechanics phone number? You might have to call. Lol. Fixed one like this but i cant remember what it was now if i do i will post later. It was something weard on that one.