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Q: I just had my AC Compressor replaced last night, then today I drove 3 miles on 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

and have a loud banging/rattling under my roof of the car. Any idea what this could be. I called the shop who fixed it and they said something about a shield that may have come loose? Any idea how bad this is or if I can fix it myself, instead of going all the way back to the shop?
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Most shields just deflect heat from a component or protect from water. They are important but nothing scary or serious. Just depends which one it is. The one that makes the loudest noise is usually the catalytic converter heat shield. A quick weld job, or a bolt or two will fix most shields when you know which one.
Yeh, but would this have come loose from them changing out my AC Compressor? I don't even know what they are talking about. I just do not want to get up there and have them tell me it is something totally different and the noise is not caused by anything they did. All I know is there was no banging when I brought it to
Very very true, you either start car and look under hood for location of noise or take it back to them or have them come and get it. It could be they forgot a bolt or two on the
if there is a heat sheild around the AC compressor and its loose or rubbing on the pulley, it could cause damage to the pully, belt, or come loose and pinball in the engine compartment. All bad juju
Take it back to the shop that did the repair. If there was no banging prior to taking the vehicle in, dont let them charge you!
If it is a sheild, pop the hood and inspect the AC compressor. If no visable damage is present, have the shop come get the vehicle, if it were my vehicle I wouldnt drive it.
I called them, and I will be bringing it back, but just wondering if it is safe to drive or should I tow it. The shop is out of state.
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