Q: I just did a Head gasket on my 97 Honda civic on 1997 Honda Civic

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I just did a Head gasket on my 97 Honda civic tourque it down to spect and all 22 pound first then 49 second time around! bad gasket issue cheap brand X starting leaking coolant one side then oil one the other! bought a better brand Victor Reinz better quality! now no more leak around the Head Block! But im still getting a leak really bad now down below under where the lower timing cover is i think in between their and my oil pan! I know my oil pan gasket needed replacing but it wasn't Dripping like water before i started this project could their be another area i'm over looking
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Thanks i did some further re search and that kept coming up Crank shaft seal thanks! i did buy a whole timing belt kit from cali i guess i might as well do the timing belt now since the belt ALSO is drenched with motor oil

The problem was in the New Head Block i Bought they didnt installed any cam Shaft seal! after many hours and gutting back car to basic i found it! and installed one by the timing Sproket
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