Q: I just bought a 2000 SLS and it is leaking oil from underneith car toward front on 2000 Cadillac Seville SLS

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Should I invest and get fixed or turn around and sell on craigslist for what I payed. I have heard oil leaks are such a common problem after I bought it, the car only had 89000 miles on it I thought it would be a good buy!
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If you bought it for cheap it wouldnt be a loss to invest a few bucks. I would take it to a shop such as firestone and let them know you just bought the car. Ask them to do a complete inspection of the vehicle. They will check everything external to the engine and trans but will check the fluids. It may be the best money you spend if you don't want a money pit of a car. This is my suggestion and strees that you make the final desition that you feel comfortable with. After all it's your money.
The more I read about this car it has a high pressure squeese casting process for top of engine with a seal for the lower crankcase that is pressed together and oil leaks out of in that spot. I'll have it looked at thanks for the feedback.