Q: I intermittently get three alarms at the same time . ABS,ESP,and BAS. on 2002 Mercedes-Benz E320 4MATIC

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I get the three at the same time always. A restart of the engine resets the messages for a little while but, they do eventually return. I was thinking a dirty cannon plug or molex connector since I live on a dirt road but, after reading the report a problem section I see if could be a brake light switch.
Do you have any suggestions? Thanks and I appreciate your service.
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The best way is to have the brake module scanned for the fault. It affects the traction, stability control. Once the car starts moving it reads the wheel sensors,(among others), then has noticed something is not right and turns the light on for the driver to recognize there is a problem that needs attention.
Thanks for the info. I didn't really give the sensors a thought since I was getting all three alerts at the same time. Yes it definitely effects the traction and cancels out the 4 matic feature. I know this because it just happened to me in a snow storm! Yippee! I will scan the BM and see what gives. Thanks again for the info and if you ever need any info on aircraft give me a shout!
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Thanks. I trained as an aircraft mechanic my first adventure and a licensed pilot as well, but 2 heads are better than one. Thanks and good luck.
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