Q: I installed new battery after checking alternator it sits with everything off on 1998 Dodge Stratus

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a light that's shaped like battery comes on the dash after a couple of days of sitting. I can start the car but scared that if I don't drive a couple of days battery will go bad. What can run battery down when sitting with everything turned off?
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Have a MECHANIC check it out not a parts store for alternator output under load, battery draw test with the propper test equipment. Always some drain on the battery for keep alive componets ie computer, clock, radio ect. But should take weeks to run it down without driving.
If it were a dead short there would be smoke and stuff melting or fuses blowing! Any add on equipment? Also that battery light, is it ever on while the engine is running?
Yes the light came on three days after installing battery I have been disconnecting the negative cable when I am not using the car to keep battery from running down But yes the battery light stays on
one last ? while car is running and I take off just the negative cable from the battery and the car still runs don't that mean alternator is still good? Thank you for all your help
At that time it's output is enough to run the engine however it still may not be charging!
Not a good idea to remove the battery cable with engine running, ECM provides the regulator for the alt. voltage!!!
Get a mechanic to test the alt. voltage output, not a parts store.
dead short. Take neg. battery cabble loose and hook meter one lead to batt and other to cable. If reads voltage take one fuse out at a time until voltage drops to zero. That fuse will tell you what circuit the short is in.
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