Q: I heard a loud squeeling under hood, then a little smoke then no power steering. on 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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don't know what happened, is it belt, is it pump,can anyone give me an idea and how much it might cost? problem has never happened to date. no diagnostic code for that. what would have made it happen so suddenly?
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Based on your description the cause of the squealing was more than likely the power steering belt. This belt also drives the A/C compressor and there is a idler pulley. Without seeing the vehicle I would guess that either the idler pulley, power steering pump or the A/C compressor internally seized or the A/C compressor pulley seized. One of the pulleys that the belt drives has a bad bearing causing a pulley to seize which is the reason the belt is squealing.

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Thanks so much I will call on 5-21-2013. But I read somewhere online that 2002 pt crusiers wherre recalled was this for the same thing?
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Good morning,

The only recall that I know of is for a power steering hose issue. What you are describing does dot sound related but we would have no way of knowing for sure without checking the vehicle. It is a good idea to run the vehicle identification number (VIN) to check for any open recalls. You could call a Chrysler dealer with your VIN and they should be able to tell you if there are any open Recalls on your vehicle. If the vehicle were here we would do that for you.
It sounds like the vehicle is not drivable. We can have it towed for a reasonable price.

Thanks and have a great day,
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