Q: I hear a bumping, squeaky noise. How do I know if it is struts or sway bar? on 2001 Honda Accord

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It sounds like it is coming from the rear.It happens all the time. I hear it more when hitting any size bump.
(2) Answers
Spray some WD-40 on the sway bar and bushings and if the noise goes away, then you know. Struts will make tend to noise, even with WD-40 on them.
Just having the same problem and saw that the rear stabilizers/sway bars have broken at the connections (which on my 2006 Accord are white nylon type material at each end of the shorter link bars). Having taken it into my Honda dealer, and looking under the car, I learned the front ones were broken too. Oddly I did not hear any noises from the front, but the rear ones can touch (or even rattle) after turning and getting body lean resulting in the noise. If the stay apart you don't hear anything.