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Q: i have water in the fan housing for the air conditioner.
how do i get rid of it. on 1997 Ford Escort

why is there water in the fan compartment? should there be a drain hose to get rid of the condisation. if the is where is the hose located under the car. i think the hose is plugged. When i unscrew the housing for the fan i get about a cup and a half of water to run out. i can't find a drain for the fan compartment. how the water is getting in to this compartment? this happens after i run the a/c for a couple of hours or a couple of days use.
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The air evaporator creates condensation which is usually exits the housing by a little tube exits the firewall into the engine compartment and falls harmlessly to the ground this is normal if the a/c is working correctly. Kneel at the passenger side of the car with the door open look under the dash under the glove box area with a flash light perhaps pull back the carpet a little it should be obvious, you will find the hose kinked or some how plugged.
Thank you for your reply. I thought I already did that, but I did it again just incase I missed something. The only thing that goes through the fire wall in that location is some thing that is a almost square molded plastic piece that is attached to the unit just in front of the fire wall, and right under the glove box. This unit attaches to the fan just to the right. Today when I came home that unit was very wet (dripping wet), I had been running the a/c for about a hour or more. There was more water on the floor. More than I had ever seen befor. If I had to guess it might have been about a cup or more. Looking under the car I could find no small hose coming through the fire wall at all. Of course it is auch a small space to get your hands in and the engin was very hot also. In short the only thing I can think of to do is try to take that unit under the glove box off and out and investigate some more. Thanks again for your input and if you gave any other sugestions I am oper to them. I'll keep searching. When I am alone it's not to bad, but when the wife is in the car her feet get wet. (HA HA) That is a big problem.
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