Q: i have two codes po,160 an po, 140, engine light is on . on 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

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want to know where an what to look for..
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p0140.oxygen sensor no activity bank 1 sensor 2.p0160 oxygen sensor no activity bank 2 sensor 2.i believe thats both o2 sensors on both sides after the catalyst.
what does these mean for me , i just got the truck an i see it has no stock exhaust, i see what looks like headers pipes, off the manafold into a muffler out to the side of the truck... i can see a sencer at the end of the header pipe, ?
Check to see that the rear sensors are there and plugged in (you should have 4 sensors total)
thank you very much.. i only see two sencer one on both sides at the end of the header pipe, are you telling me the two sencers are no good, ? how can i know they r no good ,, ? and the truck seems to be running rich if you will, will this hurt the moter?...
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