Q: I have to pump the gas pedal 20-30 times to get it to crank. on 1990 Jeep Wrangler

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I have to pump the gas pedal 20-30 times to get it to crank. do i just need to replace the fuel pump and if so a mechanical or electric? once it starts it runs great.
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What you just said makes no sense. pushing the gas pedal 20-30 times will not make a difference as to whether you can turn the key and then have the engine spin/crank. I would have the fuel pump pressure and volume checked and then see if your lack of changing the fuel filter in a timely manner has caused the pump to overwork trying to push fuel thru the clogged filter. Do you know when the filter was last changed-I mean miles ago and what is current mileage.
the engine will spin it just will not crank until you pump the gas pedal. Fuel filter was replaced. The jeep sat for three years prior to my buying it. engine will turn and turn its just not getting fuel. Its carbureted
on the right side of the gas tank under right tail lamp under a plastic cover in the body there is a check valve where a return line to your gas tank from your carb. came lose and is up side down or side ways or is bad.
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