Q: 2006 Nismo frontier loud popping noise when you hit sharp bumps. on 2006 Nissan Frontier

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I have a 2006 Nismo frontier. That makes a very loud popping sound when I hit a pothole. I have had the truck for about 1 year and I have had it looked at 3 times and everyone says they can't find any issue. It has progressively gotten worse and scares my wife at times as it is a pretty loud popping at times. I figured it was a ball joint popping from an akward position when I turn and hit a bump, but now it happens when I am going straight and hit a pothole and I hear it from the rear at times now as well. I am thinking it may be related to the Bilstein shocks on the Nismo. I had issues with these same shocks on my 04 TRD Tacoma, so I wouldn't be suprised. But in reality I have no idea what is wrong I am just guessing. any ideas?
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The noise you are hearing when you turn and the suspension rises or falls is the steering stop buttons have worn through. The steering stop buttons are a primitive way to limit the steering at full lock one direction or the other, they are only two or three dollars each and easily replaced. This noise is only heard on full lock when accompanied by suspension travel. Its common. You won't hear this noise when driving straight ahead and it will only be from the front. I think you have two separate noises. I will look at a workshop manual in the morning and see what the other noises could be.
Note sure if you ever got an answer on this, but I have a 2006 Nissan Frontier LE and I am hearing a loud "popping" noise when I go over bumps, but the noise is only coming from the rear...I have had it in the shop, and on lifts and nobody can find anything loose or wrong, but the pop is still there.
autotechpat...that is not my situation, I am not turning when I hear these popping sounds. To me it seems it is the leaf springs, but i have had those looked at and nothing is wrong..or so I am told.
I had my truck looked at by the dealer and another shop. Both found nothing wrong. I took it to a machanic I know an trust but have not been there in a while as I moved a couple cities over. He found that there were several bolts loose in various spots on the suspension and steering. One of the bolts that holds on the passanger side front strut was almost completely backed out. After they tightened the bolts up there has been no more popping and the handling has become much more tight over rough road. I am pretty sure that the dealer didn't even look at it when I took it in. They probably just figured it was all in my head.
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