Q: I have service concerns on 2006 Toyota Corolla

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I was told by Toyota service that my drive belt and tensionor needs to be replaced but a mechanic I know tells me that I have a drive chain. Which is correct? Thank you
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The 1.8L 4 Cylinder in your Corolla does have a timing chain and not a timing belt, however it does have a drive belt and drive belt tensioner.
I have a 2006 Corolla CE automatic & for free, under warranty, at 5,000 miles had catalytic converter replaced; 21,000 drive belt pensioners replaced; 26,000 computer system replaced - all done under warranty. The computer system alert was that the car began to shake as if it might explode so I shut it off. Tried to restart & it did the same; turned it off & phoned the dealer; they asked what it was doing & said don’t turn it back on & they sent a tow truck. They had it over night & phoned me 2 days later to check if it seemed fixed & I could say yes. I also had a back seat belt problem, door panel problems; paint problem & what turned out to be automatic locking problem in a car that was bought without automatic locks (locked out with door closed & lock ’open’ with radio, air & car running when I’d gotten something out of trunk). Car came from the Freemont Ca. plant. I have an extended warranty on the car to 7 years or 100000 miles & it is at 51,000 now & paid for. I have had many Toyotas in the past (last was a 1992 that if not rear ended I’m sure would still be running). This has been a nightmare in contrast; cheap body & interior, runs like a buckboard in comparison to my previous ones. I’m an elderly woman & have been sad to see what I feel is the Americanization of the Japanese “Joy”ota to an American made replica, truly just a toy. Mine has been running OK since the computer replacement & gets 25-26 miles per gal. I have been very thankful for the good response to the warranty so that nothing so far has cost me anything. If you check the part making companies being blamed currently for problems you will see they are also making parts for Honda, Ford, Nissan, (& of course I believe Pontiac had a similar recall - 96000? ) - that being considered I’d think I’d rather have the Toyota which is now acknowledging its problems.