I have purchased a used 2007 Eos and the car rolls back each time a brake. Why? on 2007 Volkswagen Eos

there is a high pitch sound when I drive, dealership told me it was due to high performance tires. other than that I love the car and no other problems.

get brakes looked at from independent shop. could be caliper or parking brake. tires should make a sound unless your lay down some rubber.
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I am not clear as to the question: The car rolls back when you brake while travelling in a forward direction? or the car rolls back after you lift your foot from the brake in preparation to accelerateaway from a stop. If the latter check to see if you have Hill Start Assist (HSA)& that it is working correctly. There were many sold (various markets) that did not have HSA. HSA locks the brake pressure for about 1.5 to 2.0 seconds to allow (comfortable) safe starts on grades of 5% or greater. If you don't have i,t you will need to use the hand brake (park brake) or manage with careful footwork on hill starts.