Q: I have no rear brake lights on my 2003 Oldsmobile Aurora. It is a 3.5 version. on 2003 Oldsmobile Aurora

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We replaced the bulbs in both the turn signals and brake lights. The turn signals work. The head and tail lights work. The fuse and switch next to the brake pedal tested as working, but the brake lights do not work. Is there another relay or switch in the wiring that would cause this problem?
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i would check under the hood and look at your manual under the fuse part it should tell you what relay is once you find that one that is for the rear brake light pull one that is the exact same and switch them and if the lights work its the relay if not i would check the relay by the pedal cuz the same thing happend to me in my suv switch on the pedal was ok but it turned out it wasnt took it off and the problem was on the inside
Most likely suspect is the turn signal switch even though the signals work! Brake light circuit runs through this switch before going to the rear brake lights. Unless you are pretty savvy on car repair suggest getting a mechanic to do the work. This is a multifunction switch but the brk. light circuit has failed. IF-IF fuse and brake light switch are ok!! No need to check wiring or ground issues because the signal lights work so brake lights should too.
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