Q: I have no power from the a/c compresser or the cylce switch on 1995 Saturn SL2

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I havve no power from the a/c compresser or the cycle switch when the a/c is on from the inside checked all fuses and relays no bad ones and the system is filled with 134a!
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Check the 15Amp HVAC fuse (its in instrument panel fuse box) it gets power when the ignition switch is in the run position.
Check 7.5 Amp fuse in under hood fuse box marked IGN3 powers AC control relay (located in under hood fuse box).
Check 7.5 Amp (marked AC ) fuse under hood fuse box also powers control relay.
Find high temperature switch it will be in an ac pressure hose it has one wire which is dark green with engine running bridging the high pressure switch should bring power to the air conditioning compressor for test purposes.