Q: I have 'loose steerig" at higher speeds ! It is unsafe feeling! Why is that? on 1993 Ford Crown Victoria

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this problem makes my driving very unsafe LOOSE steering at higher speeds (over 50 milles / hr)it feels like power steering pump is not STIFF eough at higher speeds. My understanding is that pump should work LESS at higher speeds and work more at lower speeds! Would POWER STEERING FLUID REPLACMENT cure this problem? WHAT would actually cure this problem???
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You could have some lose parts in the steering and or a bad power steering pump. At high speeds the pump is working faster and if the pump is weak it would cause some of the same problems. I would want to look at your front end as well.
It could loose steering and/or suspension parts,and/or mis alignment. also check for correct tires and wheels size /air pressure.To properly diagnose these items should be checked both front and rear.
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