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Q: i have just had my transmissiion rebuilt and torque converter replaced. on 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

now the torque converter will not lock up. it turns 2700rpms @ 55 mph! the shop says it maybe my speedometer causing this because it is stuck at 20 mph. was this way before it went into the shop. does anyone have any ideas what else it my be i'm replacing the stepper motors next week when the parts get here.
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Ok so here goes long drawn out process of troubleshooting with the help from you guys. My truck ended up back in the shop and the owner took the transmission pan off and found that the shift solenoid was flipped not letting it shift into 4th gear. Thank you all for your help and ideas.
Sure does sound like the lockup solenoid to me! You need to fix the speedo. first. Any trouble codes?
Scanner with live data hooked up while driving is a must to view what is happening with the transmission. Scanner can run functional test to lock, unlock converter and much more, i am talking about a pro. scanner! Snap-On Modis for example.
yes they used the snap-on unit when running test and the torque converter locked when it was hooked in the shop with truck in gear and foot on brake. "STALLED ENGINE" but when going down the road it still wouldn't lock up. I was told that the rebuilt TC could be faulty even though it stalled the engine when sitting still?????????
if they think the TC is faulty, and they have exhausted all other possibilities, than you may not have any other choice than to have them pull it it and have a fresh unit installed. sounds like your doing everything your supposed to. stuff happens sometimes. it is not easy to accept but it does happen. just remember to approach for manufacturer re-embercement for extra labour cost.
ok i have had the Gauge Cluster repaired.. ALL step motors are replaced. still no TCC lock-up?
had similar prob. after blow a seal on my torque converter. turned out to be dirty connections on the sensor relays. clue was it was missing gear shifts.
the shop just put in all new relays and sensors inside of the transmission. and it doesn't miss any shifts. the torque converter will lock up and stall the truck if in gear with foot on brake, and triggered per a computer. but will not lock up going down the road.
the shop u brought this vehicle to, was it a shop that specializes in trannies? was the torque converter a rebuilt part? is the fluid used the recommended type? most of the repair shops i have used will recommend a tranny specialist or outscource the work to a tranny shop. very specialized part. fluid type on trannies varies also, very specific for a reason(it effects part function). rebuilt parts or new parts are not always perfect. if it turns out the part is faulty, keep your receipts. manufacturer should cover additional labour costs for re-install. it may take some time though so be patient.
yes the shop is a Transmission shop with a good standing name. the torque converteris a rebuilt one from their supplier. they do this with all trannies they put in because who wants to pull a tranny back out for a faulty TC.
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