Q: i have getting low compression reading from my#2 on 2008 Ford Focus

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Focus 2008 (+)"TT" 1.6L Duratec 16V PFI (100PS) 4 Door Saloon RHD
i am getting a low compression reading from the#2 cylinder
it has started to affect my brakes
the engine starts to stutter as soon as it warms up
i have requested engine ring set & engine gasket & seal kit from ford UK and they said that ford does not make these parts.they sell only short & long motor replacement
please note engine only has 66,000km on odometer
i have already replaced coil pack & O2 sensors
please advise next step
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Why do you have low compression? Is it the head gasket? Is it a burned valve? Is it rings? Need to know why you have low compression in cylinder #2.
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