Q: I have fixed the struts and shocks less than a yr ago. on 2000 Lexus RX300

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Now it sounds like I have to re-do it because it sounds really bad. Mileage is pretty high (209K) and it's a 2000 so clearly is getting old or rusty but is this normal that I would need this type of work done again?
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time does not matters . How many miles did you put in it in this time if its over 50K miles within one year it is possible . If less then this than something is not right.
Yeah sounds just about right. I do alot of driving so if it's not 50K it's pretty much close to it since I got it done back in April. But those this mean that I will have to continue doing this or that I will have to fix it in another year?
Quality parts should lst much longer. The quality of the road also matters. Off road driving is killing the suspension really fast.