Q: i have code p0201 on 2004 Dodge Stratus

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when checking it out i have no pulse on that injector found bad wiring an replaced it an still same thing so on to replacing pcm with a reman an still same thing did i get a bad reman pcm or am i still over looking something any info to this would help
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You do have a bad pcm if the injector driver circuit was shorted! Also you will destroy the replacement pcm if the circuit(s) are not repaired!
I hope the poster knows what that means. If he buys a raman computer he must buy it programed already.
yes i had to send vin number an mileage with order but had same problem when installed they are sending me another one to see what happens now
What does the data stream look like on the scanner when running. There are some tests you can do with a full enhanced scanner that you can't do with a "code reader".
Can I borrow some money. Spend the money to have it checked out by a "PAT". I can help you with the purchase of the computer. Contact me
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