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Q: I have an XUV and the rear tailgate window won't go up. on 2004 GMC Envoy

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The rear gate wiper motor failed and I had it rebuilt. I put the motor back in and when I try to put the window up the computer says "rear wiper obstruction". When I turn on the wiper it says "close rear glass".
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I know this question is old, but I am responding so others with the same problem can see. I wired the Rear Window Motor Park Signal wire and the Rear Window Motor Speed Signal wire together and it completely bypassed the rear wiper motor. Now the window goes up and down. This doesn't fix the rear wiper motor, but you will be able to have access to it now that the window is out of the way

I made and album to show.
Thanks. I took the truck to the dealer and they were able to put the window up using a scan tool and the wiper works fine now. I have taken the wiper arm off and disconnected the wiper power cable and then reattached it and cycled the motor but the window motor still doesn't think the wiper is in park. So now i'm left with a window that won't go down but a wiper that works. The dealer said I need a new wiper motor to the tune of $400.
Rockauto has that part listed for under $127.79 here, (part # 25805561). I'm sure you could find it for a better price if you take a longer look than I. I uploaded the directions on how to replace it. Pretty simple. Here, . In the mean time, if you don't need the to wiper to work, you can follow my first instructions to have window work, it bypasses the in wiper motor park signal. In my opinion, having a working window is more important than a working rear wiper. When you are ready to replace the wiper motor, simply rewire and tape it up again. Hope this helps.

edit: tell me if you need higher resolution diagrams.
Thank you. At this point the wiper needs to work to pass inspection but I agree that the window is more useful. The wiper motor rebuild was from Rock Auto and I couldn't find anyone with an aftermarket motor in stock so I had to send my motor back to Cardone through Rock Auto to be rebuilt. When my motor failed it wouldn't park and I may be fighting the residual effects of that and the rebuild may not have fixed it. Thanks again.
I know this question is old but I had the problem of the rear wiper obstruction and couldn't get the rear glass back up so for anyone searching all over the place like I did looking for an answer I found this.... 1: Start with the ignition key in the OFF position
2: turn the ignition Key to the ON position
3: Press the rear glass control switch vent button 6 times 4: Turn the ignition key to the OFF position
5: Press the rear glass control switch vent button 6 more times
6: turn the ignition to the ON position. at this point the rear window will move up and down approximately 20mm (0.8 in). this movement signifies that the rear window glass motor has entered into the initialization mode
7: NOTE: the rear window glass control switch must be held in the UP or DOWN position until the window glass stops moving. failure to hold the switch will end the initialization operation. then the initialization will have to be re-started. 

Hold the rear window glass control switch in the full UP position until the rear window glass stops in the full up position 
I found this on a explorer sport Trac forum but it worked amazing and didn't have to do any wiring or take apart the rear door like other posts suggest
Also may have a 'position sensor' in motor that needs some sort of 'reset' procedure , along with re-checking all connectors/ wires.Before you installed the wiper arm , did you cycle the motor once for it to be in the 'park' position and to see if it even worked? Some of the testing would definitely be easier with a second person to operate switch while observing what's happening in the back.Good luck.
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