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Q: i have an auto trans 93 accord lx slipping in 1st n 2nd gear wont switch gears on 1993 Honda Accord

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i have an auto trans 93 accordd lx slipping in 1st n 2nd gear wont switch gears it does great in high gears but getting there is rough. i have to take it almost all the waay to 5 1/2 grand befor the car will switch gears and it slipps n sputtings getting it there... ive tried being gentle with it and slowley accelerating and i think it made it worse~ its an auto so i tried manually shifting it from d2 and so forth but it just made it worse.. i also tried cleaning the silinoids and it made a lil difference.. i also changed the tranny fluid but nothing really.... i keep seeing reviews about TCUs? a computer in the system but idk what that is... please any one with suggestions..
Check my post under Electrical problems. The TCU's in Honda models 92-94 were made with faulty components. I only discovered this after doing extensive research. I have a 92 Honda accord and about a month ago I had the same problem as you. It was the Transmission Control Unit (TCU) that was bad and I replaced it myself (I am not a mechanic), so if I could do it, you could as well. In my post, I give detailed instructions on where it's location is and how to change it out with a new one. I hope you did not have the transmission rebuilt, because if the computer is bad, then having the transmission rebuilt will not fix the problem. The TCU is what communicates with your transmission so that they are in sync and will work properly together. I hope this helps you or anyone else who may be having this problem.
it coulnt be the silnoids or the tcu like some of the others ?! ive been driving it like this for almost 6 months but i only drive maybe 3-5 miles a day MAX ..
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