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Q: I have an 02 escalade ext im hering a humming with a vibration in the left front on 2002 Cadillac Escalade EXT

at low speeds just a little sound then it goes away. but when i get it at highway speeds above 58 is when i get the humming vibration. sometime if i get off the gas it will go away untill the trans put torq back on. its seams to be getting louder and i feel in my feet when on the floor while driving not so much in sterring wheel.
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It sounds like a wheel bearing.

When you switch lanes,does the sound change(louder or softer)?

If so,i would get it fixed right away because with the humming
sound that is a warning it will get worse and you could cause an accident.
no it stays the same. i did think about that and lifted the truck up and lift up on the front wheel and had no movement
90% of the wheel bearings i repair have no play in them.
I have these wire less sensors i tie to different parts of
the suspension to locate sounds.

I carry a special box/controller to switch to each sensor 1 to 4.
Depending where i put the sensors,there numbered and when i find the
numbered sensor that is loudest,i put the vehicle on lift and do
further diagnoses.
Another thing is feel the tire tread with your hand to see if the tire has
no lumps/bumps in it.If you feel lumps and it's not smooth,try another tire
that is smooth to see if sound goes away.
ok i will check tires next. also i did check drive shaft that goes to the front. is there a reson why i have play in that shaft in nutral. it seams to turn more than it should could that have something to do with the problem.
You will have a very little play up and down.
If it's in neutral and on the ground,you should not be able to turn it.(forward or reverse)
If tire is off ground,shaft will turn with tire.
car is off the ground on one side and it has play and the tire is not turning with the shaft. it turns a little more than a 1/4 turn eather way befor tire movies with it.
The axle has to be worn because you should not be able to turn it at all.
If you get the axle replaced,they can turn the hub bearing by hand to see
if that is worn also.

Some vehicles i have to pull axle from hub just to find out if bearing is worn.
Every axle i do,i always check there bearings.
ok thak you for all your help. well i changed the wheel berring and the tires and its still there.
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