Q: I have already run a diagnostic check on my vehicle need estimate to fix on 2002 Acura MDX

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Code P1710, P0505
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You have scanned for the codes I can see but who ran the diagnostics to say what is the problem and how to repair. Do you know the definition of the p0505 or the p1710. One is transmission and one is engine performance.
I used a code checking unit at an auto parts store, and I looked up the codes definitions on Acurazine, so I have somewhat of an idea about the problems, now I just need to know where I can get this done and an estimate at what I'm looking at in cost.
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The best way is to have it diagnosed; once the problem is found then the price can be given. The throttle or idle control problem could be an easy fix, but without me checking it ? The transmission 1st gear not holding could be taken someplace like AAmco, for a free estimate. The idle control could be causing the trans fault, or the transmission fault could be causing the idle fault. You have some information you found, so arm yourself with that info to make sure you have been given the right diagnosis to problem. A second or third opinion could be to your advantage.
Thank you for your advice, at this point I'm afraid to start it or drive it for that matter because of how cold it is right now.Is there any possibility that I will ruin my transmission if I try to take it to a shop?
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How far is the shop, and is it lots of stops and go's. I just read a recall on a internal transmission fault on some of those year models, Call Acura with your Vin # and check on it. 1-800-382-2238
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