Q: i have a throttle body 350 and it won't crank could it be the cap and rotor?? on 1991 Chevrolet Camaro

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The engine will turn and turn but won't crank i have already replaced the ECM and it still acts the same. but if i take out the number 1 spark plug it will crank and run and drive for about 5 minutes and shut down again. any help?
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When it won't start check for fire to plugs. If no fire at plugs
check for fire from coil if spark here it must be rotor or cap.
Coils do fail!
it has no fire to plugs for a couple tries after i take them out. but a coil wouldn't be that erratic you think it would either fire or not fire.
and how do i check fire from the coil?
Use a test light attached to power, and you should have pulsed ground going into coil. If no pulsed ground either an ignition module or pick up coil. Easier to check pick up by ohm checking.
Check fire from coil just like checking fire to plugs. Insert phillips screwdriver
into coil wire hold shank about 1/2" away from metal ground, spark should
jump gap. While someone turns eng. over. Or use spark tester if you have one.