Q: i have a ram 250 that cranks but won't start on 1991 Dodge Ram Van B250

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wasn't holding a charge on the battery tested the alt. that was good the guy at the auto part store tested the van on a tester n said it was a bad ecm so i replaced that now the van won't start it just cranks there is no spark i replace the coil still no spark
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Did this van start before you had the ecm replaced maybe the battery has gone to see its maker if its not holding a charge,try a good battery as ecm`s can be a bit voltage sensitive also if you have an alarm fitted with immobilizer these are also sensitive to voltage drops,there is a problem with the loom where it all joins together under the hood ,there is a big bolt where all the live feeds join together and the feed to the ignition coils are all fed by a twin wire ,one thick and one thin and this wire can break up against the joint ,have you got a feed to the coils if not this maybe where you will find the problem,my van was wired like a christmas tree before an electrician fitted my alarm ,he tested the wiring with a very sharp bladed tester just tapping into wires when he found the break near this wire junction,fault was botched from the start instead of being fixed .(big insulated bolt in loom under drivers wiper under hood ,check for feed to coils )lot to take in I know .regards