Q: I have a popping sound inside my intake manifold
2003 jeep liberty limited on 2003 Jeep Liberty

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When you push on the gas the popping sound gets louder ( sound like a loud motor cycle) but doesn't have much power when your driving. So have not been able to drive it. I checked inside the oil pan to see if anything got loose or broke, it all looked good and clean. It has 139700 ml on it
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I just drove it in yard it sounds like something is hitting inside the plastic intake manifold but runs good otherwise sounds almost someone banging on the inside of intake saying let me out
Do you know if the intake manifold comes apart in two pieces or it comes off in one piece
I took off the intake manifold off and inside it was antifreeze. I lost my water pump and the engine was full of antifreeze. I replace the water pump and cleaned the motor. A week later that's when I started to hear the clunking noise. Is there away to clean the intake manifold or do I have to get another one?
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If your having problems, it's been my experience they will continue if you use the same plastic piece. Better safe then sorry. It is your time and money involved, your not doing it for a customer, try some spray carb cleaner to wash it and air pressure blower to dry it, use a new gasket, ant good luck. Just a learning curve to be learned.
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