Q: i have a o6 jetta that stalled out on me the other day at a stop light. on 2006 Volkswagen Jetta

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i was reading about replacing my manifold intake gasket and it seems like that could be the problem. When i went to start the car it made no noice at all. But the dash lights came on. when it stalled it made a puttering noise right before it cut out. after i was pushed accross the street it magically started again. so today i had it hooked up to diagnostic machine and it came up with alot of codes which included trasmission control system out of range, a few air system leaks,a faulty iac valveevac system leak,defetive or missing fuel cap,faulty fuel tank pressure sensor. my question is could a bad intake manifold gasket cause all of some of these problems? Thank you. CG
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Check to see if you have a fuse for your ECM. Very rare you'd get so much at once- sounds like computer problem.