Q: I have a lower intake gasket problem. Should I fix it or replace engine? on 1997 Pontiac Bonneville

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It began with what I thought was a thermostat problem had it replaced. Heat was not consistent on cold days. On warm days heat came out fine. when I went to the mechanic he said there was no antifreeze, but we put it in two days ago. Antifreeze was not leaking on the ground and car would not start back up he checked it. I was told it was lower intake gaskets. Radiator was leaking into engine.The thermostat was replaced in Oct.2010 have not been able to operate car since early Dec. 2010. Should I have them replaced or get a rebuilt engine? Thank you for any responses.
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my whole family has own the 3800 engine what you need to do is pull all the spark plug turn the engine over to get all the antifrezze out of cyclinder replace with new spark plug the car will start only run the car for a few second then replace upper intake gasket and plantium 99% of time it will solve your problem all 3800 have this problem it's never lower intake the shop are ripping people with the lower intake thing