Q: I have a leaking strut. Should I also replace the mounting systems or not. on 2009 Honda Civic

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One says it will squeak later and another says it won't. How do Honda Civics rate with squeaking mounts. I will be replacing both front struts, bearings and have a front end alignment. Just don't know if I need the mounting system replaced as well. 2009 Honda Civic Sedan. I do put on about 32,000 miles a year. Love this Car!
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I haven't had that many problems with mounts unless they are making noise. Changed many struts using old mounts that are in good shape. If your worried it wouldn't hurt to replace all at one time. Maybe you'll be more comfortable with your decision. Better safe than sorry.
your mechanic can confirm it if needed mounting as well, the civic only 4 yrs old should be okay.
I already have 111,317 miles on it. I put about 32,000 on a year. I just don't want this big expense again in a year or so. I don't know anyone who has a Honda to know if squeaking is a problem with them or not. Thanks for your help.
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