Q: I have a good amount of coolant dumping onto my exhaust. on 1994 Volvo 940

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I cant see in there very well but it seems to be coming out of the draincock area. Not 100% but wondering if draincock could fail or open on its own. I have had the car for about a year without this problem. Should I just try to tighten draincock?
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I think your right. After further inspection it looks like it might be the metal heater core return tube. In any case I had better test it to pinpoint the leak before I start trying to fix things that arent broken. Thanks for the reply.
same thing began occurring with My car..long story short, heater core was the culprit. If your car idles in traffic or say, in the drive thru for five+ minutes, has steam ever come out of the vents into the car? Bad. Replaced and symptoms stopped. g'luck
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