Q: I have a code P1455 and i also have a misfire in number4 cylinder whats wrong. on 1998 Mazda MPV

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the car jerks is this becouse of the misfire in number 4 cylender? also where could i find the right decription of this Advance Auto parts gave me the wrong one. i changed number 5 not number 4..
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P1455 is fuel tank level sensor related. How do you know the misfire is on # 4 cyl.? PO304 code stored also?
No,I there were two messages showing at that time..can I just change the sensor?and does the code p1455 make be burn a lot of gas or the number 4 misfire?because I noticed that..
YEP!! Have compression, ignition spark and injector pulse checked for the misfiring cylinder(s)! Also vacuum leak.